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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drifting Through the Past

A few days ago, I finally managed to get the entire Final Fantasy X Soundtrack. As I sat there listening to the "the Song of the Fayth" and rocking out to "Seymour's Battle theme," I realized...HOLY CRAP IT'S BEEN 10 YEARS SINCE I FIRST ENCOUNTERED THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! The sweet love story, the lovable characters, the game's morals meant more to me then anyone could imagine; I have the tattoo to prove it....
I learned something from that game that acts as a constant strength: "This is my Story." We often go through life complaining and whining about it's stresses, it's ups and downs, but rarely do we spend just as much time  living life to the fullest. "This is our Story-" this life is ours to narrate and compose into a rich manuscript that we can one day look over and smile, knowing we soaked up both the sunshine and downpours life had to offer.

FFX is not the only game that brings back nostalgia. Remember Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil?  'Til this day I have not the slightest clue what language those characters are speaking, nor have I been able to determine Klonoa's species (bunny? cat? bunny x cat? O.O)- and I think his air-ring is really just a pressurized medium for his spectacular bunny x cat qi. I can remember being worried about this game when I first saw it...wondering "what the hell did my mom pick up and why?" But, that little guy grew on me . That was a fun 2D/3D side scroller...and sometimes, when I hear "WAAAAAHOOOO" I giggle like a giddy school girl.

It's just little things like this that bring back memories for me. Off to play some NES Ultimate Stuntman. ;)

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