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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Gotta Catch Em All" Together


With Mrs. Popo following me around, maybe Mr. Popo will finally get the peace and quiet he deserves on Kami's lookout.

Niantic Labs, the creators of "Pokemon Go," added an update a few days ago that allows trainers to carry a buddy with them in-game. We get to relive our childhood dream of watching Pikachu follow us around as we explore Kanto, Johto, and Washington D.C.! 

Sort of. 

Your chosen buddy does not walk next to your avatar in real-time. Instead, you see them stand next to you on your profile page. Once you select a Pokemon buddy via the avatar page menu, that buddy will earn one candy of its type when you have walked a certain number of kilometers. The required number of kilometers you must walk with said Pokemon depends on which one you are paired with. As you might have guessed, the coveted Pokemon require more cardio. As you can see in the link above, I have a Jinx paired with me now. She is going to require 5km. Thus, I would suggest choosing a Pokemon that needs more candy to evolve but, be warned! Switching your Pokemon before they find a candy resets your buddy distance to zero, as others have pointed out.

Now I know what you are thinking:  "Pokemon Yellow," "HeartGold," and "SoulSilver" had this feature, so this is nothing new. To that I say, you are absolutely correct. But who needs a party pooper? Besides, this is your personal avatar we are talking about, not Ash in a coma.

So, who is your Pikachu? Tell me in the comments below, or reply on my tweet with a picture of your partner in PokeCrime!

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