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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Infinity War: Pre-Game Impression

Pre-game post: I thought I was ready

A masterful storyteller does not lay words like bricks. They weave audience emotions, like fine threads through a river of characters. At first, we can only see the setting, the individual players. We are drawn in by the aesthetics alone. Then, the fishing hooks drive in and catch us off guard. We are no longer bystanders watching a movie or reading a novel; we are friends, lovers, enemies, family members of the characters themselves. 

We cross the lines of fantasy and reality.

For Avengers: Infinity War to harness the full gravity of this event in the Marvel universe, Kevin Feige and Co. wove our feelings into each character's tapestry and fleshed out a story that die-hard fans know the outcome for, but still will leave the theater gasping for breath.

I will wait until next week to give an in-depth review of Infinity War, but for now, let's just say your time will be well-spent if you check it out.

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Today's musical inspiration: 

"I got demons inside me. So I'm faced with a choice. Either try to ignore them, or I give them a voice."

Mike Shinoda- "Crossing the Line"

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